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Our Bespoke Process
Step One

Design Concept

Begin by working with a designer or artist to create a detailed design concept for the custom gold accents on the phone. This design should take into account the phone's shape and features, as well as the client's preferences.

Step Two

Material Selection

Choose the type of gold that will be used for the customization. Common options include 24-karat gold, gold plating, or gold leaf. The choice of gold will impact the overall appearance and cost of the customization.

Step Three

Phone Preparation

Before any engraving can take place, the phone's surface must be properly prepared. This involves cleaning and possibly sanding or polishing to ensure a smooth and even surface for the engraving process.

Step Four


Skilled artisans or engravers will use specialized tools and techniques to carefully engrave the desired design onto the phone's surface. This process may be done by hand or with the assistance of laser engraving technology for precision.

Step Five

Gold Application

After engraving, the chosen gold material is applied to the engraved areas. This can involve carefully placing gold leaf, applying gold plating, or using other methods to achieve the desired gold accents.

Step Six


Once the gold accents are in place, the phone may undergo additional finishing steps, such as polishing and buffing, to enhance the appearance and ensure a seamless integration of the gold with the phone's surface.

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